Kent Wong graduated with M.A. and B.A. (1st Hon.) from School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2004 and 2001 respectively, he devotes in a wide range of design business and brand management. Co-found the strategic management company SCOPO, brand Private Living, O+N design & construction, contributing on develop a new model between design and business.

Kent Wong has been engaged in research and practice in all aspects of design and business planning which include global exhibition planning for nearly 20 years. He has been involved in integrating international design resources, promoting global business cooperation.

As a design entrepreneur and enthusiast, he specializes in designing form and space including interior, furniture and product, as well as brand management. Kent promotes quality design and bridges the gap between designers and business entities by curating numerous exhibitions and programmes for designers worldwide. Over the past 15 years Kent Wong collaborates with international designers and exhibition platforms, exploring and supporting China original designs for markets worldwide. Founding the IDU International Design Union with SZFA at 2016, Kent Wong develop connections in design and creative fields within China, bridge the gap between designers and Chinese client, as he has the profession, experience and ability to understand the language of both parties.

As designer always need exposure for business opportunity, IDU do talks at specific event and can make a difference between a good talk and a great talk to impress potential customers. IDU organize tours to business entitles like enterprise, trade fair or design week in different countries which aim at designers’ exposure by broadening horizons by enhancing their knowledge about the industry around the globe.

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