The brilliant【Peony】and【Bauhinia】under THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by german pool is designed by the renowned Hong Kong fashion designer, Miss Mary Yu. With her achievements in Fashion and Art, Mary has been awarded different accolades which includes "JCI City Lady (Professional Sector)", “Hong Kong Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons (Professional Sector)”, Winner of fashion design in Asia Pacific Region by "Perspective - 40 under 40". She also designed the uniform for Hong Kong Olympic Equestrian Event and was invited to design Dutch Clogs for charity fund-raising by The Netherlands Consulate General in 2008.

The inspiration of【Peony】originated from a poem about the admiration of peonies in the Tang Dynasty during ancient Chinese History. The national floral emblem ─ Peony, was used as the theme to design a whole impeccable series of products. Explicitly defining the exuberant style with the vibrant hues, it symbolizes “riches, good fortune, happiness, and prosperity”.

Designed with the luxury and an elegant style, the crystal champagne glass set and crystal coaster set with the peony design has been infused with Chinese chic elements - When two persons are holding two champagne glasses, the unique interlacing design of the glass bottom is signifying the everlasting unity of love ─ when two become one.

Using the Bauhinia flower as the floral emblem for the Hong Kong Administrative Region of the【Bauhinia】. The bauhinia is a symbol of vitality and hope, leading numerous hard-working and courageous Hong Kong people to create the prosperity of Hong Kong. Many have witnessed the history of Hong Kong while also realizing the hope for future Hong Kong ─ an emblem for the genuine spirit of Hong Kong.