Prof. Karen Chan, JP, MSc, MEd, BA, BBA
Founder and Curator

Karen Chan is the Vice President, Marketing & Business Development of German Pool (Hong Kong) Ltd, and Executive Director of German Pool Group Co Ltd. She has further increased German Pool’s brand recognition by creating her own product lines THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by german pool. A series of luxury products tailored to sophisticated lifestyle, demonstrating her limitless business acumen.

The word “S-P-A-R-K-L-E” in THE SPARKLE COLLECTION carries more meaning than “Sparkle” - shiny and glittering. It also means “Partnership”, “Authenticity”, “Revolutionary”, “Kaleidoscopic”, “Limited” and “Exclusive”. THE SPARKLE COLLECTION therefore aims at creating a well-loved brand with understated luxurious style, with modern elegance, and modern glamorous, when every finished product can be regarded as an art piece; producing a wide array of highly original exclusive designs, working out of the partnership with the best of the best artists, designers and brands that Hong Kong has to offer. The collection includes Qipaos, accessories, apparel, kitchen appliances, gifts and cabinets.

A truly distinguished individual, Karen was awarded “Young Industrialist Award of Hong Kong” by Federation of Hong Kong Industries in 2009; “Young Innovative Women Award” of Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation in 2013; “Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Hong Kong” in 2014 and the “Outstanding Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs Award” in 2017. In the same year, she was appointed “Justice of the Peace” by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. In 2018, she was named “Adjunct Professor” by the School of Business of Hong Kong Baptist University; and was awarded for the “GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award in Family Business”.

Public Service Background

- The Government of HKSAR Office of the Government Chief Information Officer Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited Non-official Director

- The Government of HKSAR Communications and Creative Industries Branch of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau Create Hong Kong, the CreateSmart Initiative Vetting Committee Member

- The Government of HKSAR Commerce and Economic Development Bureau Working Group on Manufacturing Industries, Innovative Technology and Cultural and Creative Industries of the Economic Development Commission Member

- Council Member of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Council, HKSAR Education Bureau

- Council Member of Vocational Training Council, HKSAR Education Bureau



THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by german pool combines talented artists from all over Hong Kong to create exquisite lifestyle products. The brand will continue to collaborate with outstanding designers, artists and brands to create Hong Kong centric designs tailored for you.