【BUTTERFLY】100% Silk Qipao with Swarovski® Crystals - Pink

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You can live life faded or vibrant. The noble Monarch butterfly, forever graceful and vivacious, never stops going forward. Trudging through cold dark forests and surviving only on milkweed, they soldier on, sacrificing their own precious lives just to ensure the survival of their offspring. Wings may be broken but their spirits are not. It takes 4 generations and 60,000km to reach their next destination, where they can finally rest for a brief moment before continuing onwards, as the cycle begins anew. Their unending pursuance of life is all written in the path they flutter through, in the cold forest mist and the hope of Spring.

The Monarch Butterfly aptly reflects the Hong Kong spirit. Lion-Rockers forever
“keep calm and carry on”, bite the bullet, work hard to improve oneself; and this is precisely the source of Hong Kong's enduring strength and the most precious
intangible wealth of Hong Kong. This spirit, passed down from one generation to the next, is what makes Hong Kong continue to excel, and why Hong Kong commands attention and respect from all over the world. Just like Hong Kong, the monarch butterfly embarks on a hard journey, braving the unknown, through endless hardships and dangers, giving its all to ensure a better future for their next generation, and this is exactly the spirit that Hong Kong needs to pass on!

The Monarch Butterfly Collection Qipaos come in 3 different butterfly prints. In the 1st design, the prominent butterflies are small, with large butterfly silhouettes hazily fluttering in the background; the 2nd design shows butterflies of different sizes flittering about in camaraderie; and in the 3rd design, the butterflies are the most vibrant and eye-catching.

Name:【BUTTERFLY】100% Silk Qipao with Swarovski® Crystals - Pink
Materials:  Swarovski® crystals
Fabric Material: 100% Silk
*Made purposefully by hand, difference in measurements of bust, waist, and hip can range from 1-3 cm.
*Aside from standard measurements, tailored services are available at $3,500.