【PEONY】 Crystal Food Processor
【PEONY】 Crystal Food Processor
【PEONY】 Crystal Food Processor
【PEONY】 Crystal Food Processor
【PEONY】 Crystal Food Processor

【PEONY】 Crystal Food Processor

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Stylish artistic appearance and practical home appliances enhance the household, THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by german pool elegant yellow. Peony is the theme of the design is elegance blooming, symbolizing rich peony flowers and butterflies, with the literal meaning of "flowers bloom, butterflies come" The food processor features nearly 15,000 Swarovski® Crystals crafted by meticulously, glamorous and elegant. This series of food processors are specially made, and are accompanied by German Pool' s original factory production certificate and the Swarovski® seal


The Professional High Speed Food Processor possesses six built-in auto programmes, namely Vegetable, Soy Milk, Sauce, Smoothie, Bisque and Nuts. Hot or cold drinks can be created within minutes.

* Must be used with Anti-Oxidation Vacuum Food Processing Plus, which is sold separately藝術品般的外型與實用兼備的THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by german pool PEONY】牡丹雅頌 明黃高雅 - 破壁養生機。工藝師以巧手點綴近15,000顆施華洛世奇®水晶,設計以優雅綻放、象徵富貴的牡丹花及蝴蝶點綴,寓意「花若盛開,蝴蝶自來」。耀眼黃色機身為家居增添朝氣,貴氣,亦可作為禮物送給摯友均相當適合。此系列養生機均特別訂製,並附上德國寶原廠生產證書及施華洛世奇®印章,矜貴獨特。


養生機具備蔬果、豆漿、醬汁、冰沙、濃湯和堅果六項自動快速功能,一鍵製作各款食品,簡便快捷。超強不銹鋼容杯,真空破壁* 冷熱全能。




Name: [PEONY] Food Processor with 15,000+ Sunflower Swarovski® Crystals

SKU: PRO-11-CM Color: Peony S

Voltage: 220-240 V

Power: 1,680 W

Jar Capacity: 2L

Blade Materials :Japanese HCS 6-Piece Blending Blades

Max. Temperature: 125 °C

Control Panel: Touch-Sensing

Other Functions: Vibration Switch, Over-heat Protection and Overload Protection

Dimensions: (H) 518 (W) 168 (D) 202 mm

Packing_Dimensions: (H) 442 (W) 307 (D) 275 mm

Net Weight: 12kg

*Each individual stone is meticulously hand set by experienced jewel setters; product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

*此THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by German Pool系列產品嚴選珍貴而璀璨的施華洛世奇®天然寶石或水晶元素,產品採用施華洛世奇®研發的貼合技術及專用黏合物料進行加工,並由經驗豐富的工匠進行手工逐粒鑲嵌或拼貼,基於每顆天然寶石及水晶元素之大小或有不同,每件作品最終效果會有微細差異。以上圖片僅作參考,一切以實物為准。

*如因人為因素導致寶石或水晶元素脫落、磨損、斷裂或其他損耗,THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by German Pool提供修復服務,相關費用另行報價。