【GARDEN】Hand-made 100% Silk-wrapped Sunglasses UV400
【GARDEN】Hand-made 100% Silk-wrapped Sunglasses UV400
【GARDEN】Hand-made 100% Silk-wrapped Sunglasses UV400 - THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by GERMAN POOL

【GARDEN】Hand-made 100% Silk-wrapped Sunglasses UV400

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【GARDENP】Hand-made 100% Silk-wrapped Sunglasses UV400

Lightweight sunglasses individually hand-wrapped with our Sparkle silk fabric and adorned with Swarovski crystals. Wear them casually to the beach, or glamorize your shopping outfit for a Hollywood star appeal. 


Name: 【GARDEN】Hand-made 100% Silk-wrapped Sunglasses with Crystals UV400
Material: Cellulose Acetate,Swarovski® Crystals
Wrapping Material: 100% Silk

THE SPARKLE COLLECTION selects precious and sparkling Swarovski®️ natural gemstones or crystal elements, and uses Swarovski®️-developed Hotfix technology together with special bonding materials to affix the stones. The stones are meticulously hand set by our experienced jewel setters; as individual stones and crystals may inevitably vary in size, the final effect of each product may be slightly different. Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

*If the gem or crystal element falls off, wears, breaks, or is lost due to human factors, THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by German Pool provides repair services, and the related costs will be quoted separately.