【SQUARIME】Bronze Knob and Handle with Swarovski® Crystal

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Radiance Centered in the Palm of Your Hands
Famed interior designer Natalia Khaw has elevated household settings, through the use of Swarovski® Crystals she has designed an elegant rendition of the common doorknob. With the highly sought after elements precariously inserted in the base, it allows the product to stand out amongst the crowd.


Name:【SQUARIME】Bronze Knob and Handle with Swarovski® Crystal
SKU: CKH03AB(Antique Bronze) / CKH03BK(Black) / CKH04SN(Satin Nickel)
Color: Antique Bronze/ Black/ Satin Nickel
Dimension: 29 x 29 x 33mm
Materials: Bronze, Swarovski® crystals

*Each individual stone is meticulously hand set by experienced jewel setters; product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

*此THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by German Pool系列產品嚴選珍貴而璀璨的施華洛世奇®天然寶石或水晶元素,產品採用施華洛世奇®研發的貼合技術及專用黏合物料進行加工,並由經驗豐富的工匠進行手工逐粒鑲嵌或拼貼,基於每顆天然寶石及水晶元素之大小或有不同,每件作品最終效果會有微細差異。以上圖片僅作參考,一切以實物為準。

*如因人為因素導致寶石或水晶元素脫落、磨損、斷裂或其他損耗,THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by German Pool提供修復服務,相關費用另行報價。

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